Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Race Details 2009

View of Swift Creek Drainage from Rock Lake Peak. You will be traversing the glacial valley both ways on Aug 15th.


1.Pre-race meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at Star View Park (1 block East of Wells Fargo on Main St. in Afton) We will be there until 8:30 to hand out race packets/sweatshirts.

2. You will be treated to a burger, melon, and a huckleberry soda when you finish your race.

3. The 25k race starts at 8:30 a.m. at the Intermittent Spring parking lot and finishes at Cottonwood lake. Being point-to-point you will need to make arrangements to get back to pick up your vehicle or have a friend drop you off.

4. Cottonwood Lake (50k) Start is about a 35 minute drive from Afton. (Continue South to Smoot. Turn left just after 65 mph sign, there is a brown forest service sign indicating Cottonwood Lake. The road is a bit rough but passenger cars can get there easily if patient) We will hand out packets from 5-5:40 a.m. on race morning.

5. The 25k will start at 8:30 a.m. at the Intermittent Spring parking lot. Turn between the fire station and the Lazy-B Motel and continue east approximately 5 miles to the end of the road. 25k runners note #3.

6. Aid Stations: We will have normal aid food at each of the aid stations. There will not be Gel this year. Drop bags only at the turn around for 50k and finish area. All of the aid stations have to be packed in. NUUN will be the official drink on the course.

a. Aid #1- "Balls" (N42 degrees 39.85/ W 110 degrees 46.555- miles 4.5 & 27)
b. Aid #2- "Corral Creek Lake" (N 42degrees 41.231/ W 110 dgreees 47.137 - miles 8 & 24)
c. Aid #3- NEW! "Slide" (N42 degrees 43.406/ W 110 47.639-miles 11 & 21)
d. Aid #4- Intermittent Spring - turn around- drop bags full aid- mile 16)

Once again the Star Valley Search and Rescue will be helping with our races. They will have radio and medical help if needed. We will have a strict 12:00 noon cut-off at the turn around for the 50k runners. If you have not left aid #4 by noon you will be pulled from the race and given a 25k finish time. This is necessary for the volunteers. Aid #2 will pull out at 2:00 and Aid #3 will pull out at 4 p.m.

Places to stay:

Several people have contacted me about places to stay the night before the race. Below are a list of hotels/motels in Afton. There is also camping at Cottonwood Lake (50k start) and Swift Creek (25k) campgrounds. Just contact the Greys River Ranger District- (307) 885-3166.

Bar H Motel & Cabins-(307)885-2274
Corral Motel-(307)885-5424
Hi Country Inn-(307)885-3856
Lazy-B Motel-885-3187 (pets)
Gardner's- (307)885-3200

Official Sign-up list for El Vaquero Loco 2009
Christy Call
Ashley Remkes
Mike James
David Capson
Bary Moore
Brian Odonnell
Ryan Mangrum
Ryan Sylva
Luke Nelson
Leland Barker
Doug Mangrum
Hugh Tower-Pierce
Bruce Copeland
Mindy Knoles
Todd Cedarholm
Eric Taft
Jay Batchen
Don Demetriades
Katherine Dawson
Scott Griffeth
Steve Kirkland
Alex Bringhurst
Dusty Pena
Corena Ricks
Kevin Ricks

Anamarie Fagg
Alex Bringhurst
Kim Taft
Trisha Mayers
Alicia Inskeep
Steve Sabat
Kristina Bringhurst
Jim Wilisey
Al Boyce


firepotter said...


I am missing results for 06 and 07 in
the database at RealEndurance.Com

Can you send them to me?

Gary Wang

Jennifer Russell said...

Ty, Thanks for taking my call, as a past race director myself, I know you are busy!...So my request is to roll my entrance over the 25k, Jenn Kuhlmann. Thanks agian, I will follow on line and Good Luck to all the runners tomorrow sounds like it will be a great event.
--Jenn Kuhlmann

Lori B said...

Hey Ty,

Any waitlist for the 2011 25k? I could do some sweeping too.

Lori Bantekas

Magali said...

hello Ty,
my name is Magali Lequient, I have registered for the race awhile ago and now I won't be able to attend, as I am having an elbow surgery on Thursday :(
Any chance I can get a raincheck for next year's race?
Thank you
you can email me back at