Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Incredible Spring Weather :(

The snow just keeps falling here in Afton. We have been hammered in the entire area for the last week. One report claims that there has been 45 inches of the white stuff fall in the Teton back country last week alone, with 20 more inches expected this week. I don't have any photos but today's workout at the track with the HS track team (4x1000 @ LT pace app. 3:20 w/ 1 minute rest followed by 3x200 at 800m race pace) was absolutely bizarre. The snow was falling so fast on the backstretch that we literally had to scrape off our eyelids each lap. We may be running in drifts even in August! Hopefully we will have a link to register for El Vaquero with by the end of next week. Happy trails and don't pack the snowshoes away just yet!

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