Sunday, June 1, 2008

Final Preparations

With Bighorn just a few weeks away, I'm putting in the final preparations and looking forward to mixing it up with perhaps the deepest field ever for the race. Saturday I was able to put in 50k w/ 6k climb/descent in the Tincup/Black Mountain area with the Taftmaster. The skies were clear (for the first time in weeks) and from the radio and cell phone towers above Alpine we were treated to spectacular views of Pallisades Reservoir and the Tetons. I know I have put in a good long run when I begin to crave a burger and a huckleberry soda. This stuff is truly the nectar of the trail running gods. Another solid week of training, a little taper and it will be time to get wild n' wooly in Northern Wyoming.....I'll bring the soda.


Hart said...

dood, i'll be cheering for you... and maybe from the actual sideline!

FastED said...

Ahoy thar Draney! Thanks for the advice on my blog. This stage race will be exciting.

Good luck to you at Big Horn! I ran with John Hemsky up Pikes on Saturday and your name came up - he's got his eye on you and JB. Should be a good race!

saschasdad said...

You sound ready to hammer at BH! I'm excited to hear how it all plays out. I definitely agree that this is the deepest field in Bighorn's history (and that's without Hart!).

The S+ - yes, a really nice shoe (although I don't think it's ugly). Very similar to the Tupu they had a few years back. It's good to see Nike getting back in the trail game.