Saturday, July 5, 2008

Camp Newfork-Wind River Range

"Broken Paddle"-Relay Champs

Early lead in John Colter "ironman"

Green River Lakes

Paddling to upper New Fork Lake
This last week I was able to accompany the scout troop from our church to a week of fun on New Fork Lake. Highlights of the trip included a canoe trip to the upper lake, hiking to the natural arch by the Green River Lakes, and competing in the "John Colter Ironman Race." This included a 600 meter-ish run, a 100 meter swim to a canoe, a short paddle around a buoy then back to shore, all while carrying a match that had to light to officially finish. As planned the run went well but it wasn't long enough to compensate for my average swimming and paddling skills. (I did finish a close third-seems to be a trend lately)-but our troop won the youth relay version-excellent work fellas.

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Hart said...

love the nuun shirt!.. and look at that beautiful mid foot striking!