Monday, September 8, 2008

Pacing "Crazylegs"- Wasatch 100-2008

This weekend I had the privilege of pacing my buddy Leland. Not that he needed my help. He is truly one of the great ones on this course. He was running for his 9th Cheetah in 10 tries...90% is pretty darn good when doing anything. And Oh did I mention he has also won several skulls? Our tentative plan was to have me meet him at Lamb's or Upper-Big Water(plan b). It took me longer than expected to get to SLC so I ended up meeting him at Brighton. It was good to chat with teammates Roch and Andy. (Roch was pacing Betsy Nye and Andy was hunting the leader) Leland arrived in 4th or 5th and we wasted little time in getting on out. For a while we see-sawed with Larry O'Neil before he fell back a bit due to stomach problems. Despite a few lows Leland kept hammering I was so excited to see him 21:58. Congrats amigo. Maybe you'll let me pace you for number 20...when you're 60.


Erik said...

Nice work on getting Leland in under 22! Although I agree with you that he probably doesn't need much outside help. I was pacing Kevin from Big Water, and the only time we came close to seeing you was your headlamps far away above Forest Lake, just before the Point of Contention. It looked like Larry was just in front of or close behind you at that point.
We were hoping to play catch up, but Kevin's stomach had serious issues from that point on.

On another note-what do you know about the Orange Ginger Nuun? Is it ginger flavoring, or actual ginger in the mix. I couldn't find any info on the website.

See you in a couple weeks at the Bear.

Eric Taft said...

Sub 22 hours at Wasatch, I guess Leland is going to be one of the favorites at the Bear as well, he always is anyway. Man that is some phenom running.

Ty Draney said...


Answering your question about the NUUN. Matt and the NUUN crew let me know that it is 100% all natural ginger in the Orange Ginger NUUN. There is a very small amount. I like to drop two tabs in a 20 oz. bottle-especially when it's hot.