Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mixing it up...Winter Cross-Training

I've always made it clear that one of the biggest reasons I live where I do are June, July, and August. Not because these are the months I'm out of school but because of all the trails and instant back country access here in Western Wyoming. Winter, however, is my nemesis. Even though I grew up here I have never learned to ski (well) and most of the community are "fossil fuel athletes" driving their $12k snow machines winter. They love the long winters...me, not so much. I run the roads and have done a lot of snow shoeing to keep fit but I am looking to branch out and find a true winter activity that will keep me fired up until the dirt shows itself in June. It looks like the winner is going to be Fat Biking. Thanks to the encouragement of my neighbor who made his own last winter and the help of another I hope to spend some time rolling around the snow machine trails under my own power this winter. I don't expect it will turn me into an aerobic monster like Killian but it will be a welcome distraction until spring.

All you mountain folks--what do you do in the wintertime when all the world is white?


Unknown said...

I would like to learn how to XC ski this year. I never have a lot of free time to get out for a whole day but this year I am going to make it a priority. Also, I will do some snowshoeing with my GF.
That bike does look like though. Those tires make the bike look really heavy. Can you climb trails with that thing?

Mike B. said...

Bah, I am actually not Unknown :). At least to those who know me. Forgot to sign in.

TD said...


The bike is quite heavy but that helps with the traction...fitness, biking ability, and most of all snow conditions determine its climbing ability. Have a great winter.