Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Summer Race Season is upon us...

We hope that all your summer racing plans and training are going well. We are excited for this year's version of the Vaquero races in August. Thanks to Christian Johnson we have a new map and a new profile for your viewing/planning pleasure. Check them out on the menu bar on the right. Also, if I told you that I would roll over your entry for this fall please remind me who you are and we'll get you signed up and ready to roll.


shebalynnx said...

Lisa Gunnoe

Roll me over! You said I could come race this year after being injured last year. Please confirm.


shebalynnx said...

Is there a way to make the profile and map downloadable so we can see a full size version?
thank you,

shebalynnx said...

This is county fair weekend, hotel rooms are mostly booked. The number for Gardner's needs to be corrected. - (307)885-8200 Afton

shebalynnx said...


Ty's interview at time stamp: 1:52:00 into the podcast.

Great job Ty!