Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring has sprung!

Being a runner in Wyoming this time of year is very much like running a 100 mile race. After a loooong winter of ice, snow, and freezing temps we are beginning to see life reemerge, the snow is melting, and more runnable dirt is being exposed each day. If you've had a chance to be on the trail during a race and have experienced a second morning-spring here time feels much the same way. The load suddenly lightens,
we smell the barn realize we're going to make it to the finish line after all. I have a big summer planned so I have been logging miles and trying to get myself prepared. I am more fit than I have been (for this time of year)in many years. I am stoked to race again. I am going to kick off the season tomorrow running the Mennan Butte 25k as a rust buster for next month's race across the pond at Transvulcania. I am so excited to see another amazing part of the world on foot and participate in the hugely popular World SkyRunning Event. Chasing the world's best around a crater on an exotic volcanic island in May. Yes please!

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