Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Last minute instructions

Runners, you should have received the following via email. 2014 Vaquero Participants: We are excited that you will be joining us here in Western Wyoming in the next couple of days: Here are a few details to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to check out some of the premier trails in the United States with enough support to make it enjoyable. Packet pick up will be at the Star View Park, one block east of Wells-Fargo in Afton. We will be handing out bibs, hoodies (if you ordered one on time), timing chips, and draw prizes at this time. If you cannot make the briefing at this time we will get you everything you need starting at 5:15, and 7:45 on race morning. The 50k race will start at 6 a.m. Saturday morning at the edge of Cottonwood Lake, 6 miles east of Smoot, Wyoming. You will need to check in AGAIN on race morning so we know who is out on the course. The race will start promptly at 6 a.m. And has a 12 hour cut-off time. You MUST be checked out of the turn around by 12:00 noon or you will be pulled from the course. The 25k race will start at the intermittent spring parking lot at 8:30 a.m. Because of limited parking at the trailhead, there will be a shuttle bus at Star Valley HS (445 W. Swift Creek Lane, Afton) that will load between 7 and 7:30 a.m. Please take advantage of this service. A bus will pick up runners from the finish at 1 p.m. If this does time does not work for you we encourage you to arrange a shuttle. Drop Bags will only be allowed at the turn around. Gear will be shuttled to the finish for the 25k runners. There are 7 aid stations on the course for the 50k runners, 3 of which will be repeated on your return trip or for the course for the 25k runners. These aid stations have to be horse packed or back packed to provide you some calories to get you through the mountains. Normal Aid station food such as chips, cookies, pb&j, or nutella sandwiches will be at all aid stations. EFS liquid shot and EFS drink and water will also be provided. There will be NO cups at any aid station. You can carry your own cup or use your bottle. ALL participants must carry at lest one bottle. It is recommended that you carry 40 ounces of liquid. Know your abilities and how fast you can cover ground between aid stations. Due to the backcountry nature of the course, radio communication is limited. Emergency measures are in place and there will be sweeps on the course both directions and first aid at the aid stations. That being said, dropping out due to "loss of will" any place other than the turn around is not an option. You will have to walk out if you can so you may as well finish. If you do need to drop, please check in with the aid station so we do not have to send out S&R looking for you when you are nursing your bruised ego at home. At the finish line you will be provided a finish award, chips, a burger, soda, watermelon, and Ultragen. We are looking to reduce waste so paper products such as plates/cups will not be provided. If you have your own plate please bring it. We will provide a small number of plates that can be washed and shared among participants. Parking can be limited at the finish. We ask that you not park on the road along the north edge of the lake. It is an access road to some private property. We also ask that park in the day use area but not on the road between the start/finish line and where we cook lunch. This is reserved for timing/race staff and help. There is over flow parking about 1/4 of a mile down from the Cottonwood Lake which will accommodate all the parking we need and can also serve as an overflow camping spot. Again, we are looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Get ready for a beautiful and difficult tour of the Salt River Range. Please email if you have additional questions.


Dave Atlas said...

Hey Ty,
Thanks for the great run- I really appreciate it. I left my shell in your truck and also want to touch base on what we talked about- could you e-mail me:


Thanks brother

The Nocturnal Mom said...
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TD said...

Dave, your jacket is en route, Tiffany, I have a few smalls left. get me your address and I'll mail you one.