Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Winter and the Holidays are definitely upon us-Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Who says that training has to exclude family? When I built the sled to pull my kids I could pull all three of them and still run. I figured that as they grew my strength would grow with them-they now have to take turns. It makes a great easy day or interval workout. It takes patience and a bit of ingenuity to get through the long Wyoming winter. After the latest snowstorm I may have to dust off the snowshoes. Good luck to everyone in the new year-the hardest part may be deciding which races to run and perhaps winning a lottery so you can actually race.



Merry Christmas, buddy. I thought I'd be the first to comment on your new blog and say thanks for the tips on the sled set up. I'm going to get that going when I return from Seattle after the holidays. Cool idea. We too live in a rolling area near a park and it will be awesome for the kids.


Eric Taft said...

Hey Ty,
Does that sled have something in the seat area for comfort and warmth? Or are these tough wyoming kids, who do not need such luxuries?
Yeah, good idea, getting the word out about the El Vaquero Loco race and the awesome course. Cheers and happy holidays.

Hart said...

ty i shared the photo with the nuun crew. the entire office gathered around a computer - they loved it!