Monday, January 28, 2008

Heat Wave

This Saturday I was up early to get in 34 miles around the valley-later in the day it was nearly 40 degrees-almost 60 degrees warmer than a few days ago. Unfortunately it was all on roads. The back country snow has been dicey lately, a massive slide claiming the lives of three locals on snowmobiles not too far from the Corral Creek Lake area (main photo on blog). It was my first chance to try out my new Houdini Pack. I have had liquid "freeze-up" problems this winter during long runs so I wore the pack underneath my R.5 fleece and it worked like a charm! The pack had enough room to carry all the gels I needed, my headlamp, a shell, and my YakTrax. I love the wide waist belt and the easily accessible pockets on either side. This pack will get used a ton this year-for both training and racing. I finished in about 4:30....I'm really looking forward to some trail time.


saschasdad said...

34 road, even I only do that in races. You must be hard up for my long running. You should do a treadmill 50k - that would be a hoot! A couple months ago, the word was that AJW was going for a World Record for a treadmill 50k at the Outdoor Retailer Show last week. I don't know if he actually attempted it or not.

Ty Draney said...

Last year I did a treadmill marathon...and I still cringe at the thought of it. Hard up and sick...that's the only way to describe it. And I don't mean that in a good sense. Enjoy your dog.