Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Course Map/Last Year's Results

Here is a low-tech map and last year's results for those who would like to see them. I'm hunting down some software to put up an official map w/ an elevation chart soon. Let 'er buck!

2007 Vaquero Loco Results
Leland Barker 5:56:10!
Mark Christopherson 5:56:40
Eric Taft 6:35:20
Jeff Gerke 7:00:45
Jamie Williams 7:08:06!
Brad Smythe 7:19:19
Becky Clement 7:31:14
Sean Cunniff 7:25:21
Kirk Dyches 7:38:13
Kristen Smid 9:36:56
Lori Banetekas 9:54:38
Dennis Strong 10:09:15
Michael Cummings 10:09:16
Jake Elkins 10:24:05
Carol Harlow 10:25:07
Chuck Parks 10:36:33
Jen Kandolin 3:27:10!
Steve Bohrer 3:38:53
Nathan Hunsaker 3:53:23
Gamrelli Layco 4:07:43
Andrea Dubenezic 4:22:52
Allison Dubenezic 4:29:40
Tawna Allred 5:23:00
Michelle Spencer 5:23:00


Eric Taft said...

Love the map, sounds as if the course will be adequately marked yet again anyway. Just don't follow Lori B at the top of swift creek!

Lori B said...

Hey, I am learning not to always run with my head down and actually look for flagging. I just figured when in doubt, keep climbing. It was a great day anyways and I am looking forward to another cold swim in the lake afterwards. Eric you in? See you all there!