Monday, July 14, 2008

Race Updates

AND MUCH MORE DIFFICULT...This guy made it to the turn around but the climb to the finish was well...

1. Pre-race meeting/number pick up 8/15 at Star View Park (one block East of Wells Fargo on Hwy. 89) from 7-8:30. We will provide maps/slide show of course, answer questions, etc. 50k start 6 a.m. at Cottonwood Lake, 25k start at 8:30 a.m. at Intermittent Spring parking lot.

2. There will be 5 aid stations at approximately mile 4, 7, 15 (turn around), 23, 27 (same as 4,7-which may be unmanned-these stations are very remote and all supplies are either backpacked or horse packed in.) Drop bags are welcome for the turn around aid station.

3. Each aid station will have water, NUUN, Clif bars/Clif Bloks, the most complete spread at the turn around will include melon, M&M's, pumpkin pie, and what ever you provide in your drop bags.

4. Overall awards will be given-no age group awards and draw prizes will be drawn ahead of time and included with your sweatshirt and race number.

5. The course will be well-marked but definitely has a "wilderness run" feel to it. All the wildflowers, rocks, and singletrack you can stand:)

6. Special thanks to our sponsors- Black Diamond, NUUN, Clif, Ripley's of Jackson Hole, Patagonia

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Train hard/stay healthy!


Erik said...

Where can I find past results? Estoy animado ver a que me va a tirar el vaquero.


Ty Draney said...

They used to be on've revamped their site now-did they do away with them? Leland has the CR @ 5:56-There's something to shoot for:)