Monday, August 11, 2008

Course Landmarks

Sign leaving the campground at the start of 50k.

Site of Aid #1 after dropping off ridge.

Corral Creek Lake Trail-Stay left at junction.

Aid #2 along lake-minimal supplies

Stay to the right after climbing out of second lake-the course is tough enough without an extra 1k climb-just ask Jake and Lori!

Here are a few photos of the different landmarks that you will see on the course on Friday. Again, packet pickup is in Afton at the Star View Park (1 block east of Wells Fargo on Hwy. 89) from 7:00-8:30 on Friday. Packets will contain your hoodie, race # and goodies from NUUN, Black Diamond, Patagonia, and Clif. You will also receive a map and written instruction for the course. The course will be well-marked, especially at junctions/turns with double ribbons. Originally we had planned on a catered lunch but we will now be providing it ourselves at Cottonwood Lake-we will either do burgers again or a good old-fashioned western "Milk Can dinner." There will plenty to eat and Huckleberry soda for all! See you Friday.


Lori B said...

I have never seen those signs before in my life. See you Friday.

Ty Draney said...

Figures! We have Search and Rescue on the scene especially for you!

John said...

He Ty this is John Barnhill, Georges brother, I am coming up to help with the elvaqueroloco race and George mentioned that I could buys some energy goods but didnt know if it was easier when I am there or do it over the internet. Drop me a line at my email. Thanks and looking forward to a little mountain running.

Ty Draney said...

john, I can't seem to track down your email. Drop me a note at and let me know what you're looking for and I'll help you out if possible.

Erik said...

Any suggestions on where to fish after the race? I prefer streams/rivers, especially the size of the one you're next to in your photo. How accessible are the Grays and the Salt? Thanks, see you Fri evening.


Ty Draney said...

There are lots of public access areas to both the Greys and the Salt. Where the fish are biting however-I have no idea.

Lori B said...

Biggest question of the day: What color are the hoodies? My vote = blaze orange in time for hunting season.

Ty Draney said...

A few special, hand-picked runners will be running the course with a special race-issue fur vest and antlers. The others will make bets on said runners finish time/condition