Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pulk it up

One fail swoop and it appears that winter is upon us. It's supposed to warm back up a bit so hopefully it will give us a window to get back into to mountains on dirt a few more times before it sets in for good. Not being a winter guy where there is a lot of it I am trying to decide what winter activities to supplement my running and maintain my sanity for the next six months. (Currently I am trying to negotiate a winter ultra such as Arrowhead or Susitna-but so far Andi is not buying....) I already have running snowshoes and the Kahtoola Flight System. What will it be? Skate skiing, touring, ice climbing? I'm interested in hearing what you powder junkies are going to do for your fix this winter. If you are interested in building a pulk there are some great tips HERE.


Brad Mitchell said...

Hey Ty - Yea winter came and went here in the Sun Valley area as well. Fortunately, the temps are supposed to rise but 20 degrees this morning was tough to believe.
You ask about winter training - Myself along w/ AJW, Hank Dart, and on occassion some other die hard runners pound the slushy pavement through the winter. Throw in some nordic and alpine ski days and that about rounds out my winter. We hope for some dirt on the southern exposures by March.
I like the pulk idea. I happen to have a haul sled from my earlier climbing days - it could be a great training tool. Load it with weight and haul away!

Eric Taft said...

Well, you know I love the backcountry ski touring, but the initial investment can be daunting. We should just do our onwn winter ultra, plenty of groomed snowmobile trails. Quite the storm the other day, for October.

saschasdad said...

Running in the snow is a fun pasttime of mine and Sascha's in the winter. But our favorite thing to do is snowshoe! That's the equalizer for Sascha, so she really loves it. She also likes to roll in the snow, make snow caves, dig out frozen poop and eat it, and find dead animals to chew on.

Ty Draney said...

Mr. Sean

Joe (mi perrito) and I enjoy snowshoeing also. And he is all in for the poop eating too-but man is that the key to those fast road marathons? I'm not sure it's worth it:) Good luck-if you can run 2:37 you're officially fast! if all else fails eat some poop!