Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free Time!

A busy winter/spring with coaching and work has left me little time to get out and enjoy time in the woods. I have been cramming in as much mileage as possible during practice and by headlamp in the morning. After a Friday track meet in Preston left a Saturday free, I was able to get together with Eric to put in a few miles. We jammed up to the radio/cell phone towers overlooking Pallisades. 14 miles in 2:45 with 3300 climb and descent made for a nice morning. The footing on the snowmachine trails was good and the sidehills are starting to bare up. It won't be long now. The weather has been spectacular this year compared to last. In fact up high we're probably 2 months closer to dirt that we were last year at this time. It can't come soon enough. With spring break coming up I'm hoping to run some dirt with Rocho and get online entry for El Vaquero lined up also. If things go well I might even be able to race before June.

1 comment:

Hart said...

sweet dood! wish i could have joined you and eric... i find out about foot mri in a couple hours.

i need some ty time soon! let's get after it as soon as my foot is healed up.