Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Is Here!

It has been an amazing school year but finally summer is here and I am stoked. I have begun the season with a bang. After graduation and the last day of school Kayli, Noah, and I took a hike up to the "Star" above Afton. We all camped in the back yard last night and I got in 16 miles and 3000 ft. + of climb and descent with Eric this morning and then the kids and I did another hike with about 1000 ft. of climb this afternoon. I'm looking forward to many more adventures this summer.


Chong said...

Ty, you look pretty hot!

TD said...

Thanks, I get that a lot;) Congrats on the new job. We will be looking forward to visiting you in Bozeman. You'll have to come down this way for holidays.