Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Middle Ridge-Little Greys River

Today I was able to travel south and check out some of the beautiful, albeit muddy sloppy single track near Alpine. Eric showed me some of his home turf. The middle ridge is nestled in between the Big Greys and Little Greys rivers a dose of pure singletrack bliss. We put in about 20 miles and +/- 5000 ft. of climb and descent. The climb from the trailhead at the confluence of the rivers was a real grinder but it was a blast blitzing back home.


Hart said...

i haven't seen you run in a while and this reminds me how very good you are on downhill and technical terrain.

thanks for that call yesterday. i am counting the days until i get to run with you again my friend.

Eric Taft said...

Very good indeed on the technical terrain. But, did you see the bling Ty was wearing? I didn't notice it until seeing these pictures! Great run.

TD said...

Thanks guys. You'd think I could ski but...oh well. I always liked rocks better anyway.