Saturday, June 13, 2009

Teton Dam Marathon Relay

This morning I was able to travel to Rexburg, ID to run with the BYU-Idaho Alumni relay team in the Teton Dam Marathon. It was a blast getting to stay with Coach Stutz and his family, meet some of the other alumni (the majority were part of the 2001 NJCAA National Championship team). I felt a bit like a geezer-I am 8-10 years older than any of them. I managed to hold my own running the 2nd leg from miles four to nine in 29:57. I was hoping to run faster but the hills took their toll. Coach was all fired up because the race directors wouldn't let us compete in the men's division because Jen was running with us-it didn't matter though we crushed the old open record by nearly 20 minutes and the co-ed division by nearly an hour. Good work guys!


Lisa F said...

Ty - you ran with all my buddies from the team when I was there! This is Andrea's cousin Lisa. Crazy! I just saw that you ran with Jake on his facebook - had to see if you had pictures!

Lisa F said...

Oh yeah - congrats on beating the record!