Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rest and Recovery?

At the first of this year I shared with a friend my goals for 2009--

Get into our new house, run a few races, and stay married :) (Not necessarily in that order)

This off-season hasn't exactly been restful but it has been amazing. So instead of racing the clock, we're racing deadlines and trying to get into our new house by Thanksgiving. Thanks to amazing contractors (Dave & Trent) and super friends and family (thanks to everyone that has helped) we are making headway. This weekend Kiley and Grant came down from Bozeman and we had a marathon session grouting and putting down wood floor. After 12 years of marriage we'll soon be owners of the American dream....a mortgage!


Chong said...

Those are sweet pictures of the floors. Looks good!

Dave said...

Thinking of you, Life is good here in Bozeman, and I still have my "first home" in the Tetons, so I'm appreciative of that.

TD said...

Atlas, good to hear from you bro...when are you going to be in our neck of the woods?! We need to get together and hit the trails...what are your plans over Thanksgiving?

Steve Bohrer said...

That looks like the same wood we just put in. I guess we've got good taste.