Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vaquero now full.....

For the last week I have been fielding requests to get into the races this year. An excellent but new problem to have. Unfortunately we are limited by our insurance and our current agreement with the U.S. Forest Service. If you are not going to be able to run the race this year please let me know. We do offer a one-time roll over of your entry to the following year if you can't make it (most races require you eat your entry) so that some of our procrastinators can get a chance to run the race;) We will have an ordered wait list to add runners if any others decide to drop. Thanks for understanding.

I will be posting some photos/instructions, etc. at the first of next week. You can scroll back in the archives to last year's race for information if next week is too late for you.

On a happier note Casey Parry and I ran the course yesterday. The trail is in amazing shape, the flowers are spectacular, and we even saw a bear!

Last year's results

course markings:

vaquero basics:

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