Thursday, January 6, 2011


In an attempt to feel a bit more "connected" during our Siberian winters here in Star Valley we finally broke down and bought a TV. Last night, late, around 9 p.m., while I was snoozing soundly after a hard day of snowshoeing, work, and an interval/hill workout in -10 weather, Andrea was discovering the wonders of late-night TV. She found a show called "Strange Addictions" which she recorded, so I could watch. As much entertainment (????) is nowadays, it was a made for TV "reality" show highlighting people with nutty obsessions. One lady was a shopoholic, another, ate chalk (yes, 25lbs. a year), and another sad, sad, story was that of a man who runs 10-20 miles a day and now, after marathons weren't enough, he is, if you can believe it, training for a 100-mile race. Yikes!!!!! Who would do something like that? We had a good laugh, albeit a nervous when I'm feeling too exhausted to run, instead of layering up and trudging through the snow, I can just reach for a box of chalk.

Well, as I always say, "You don't have to be crazy but it helps..."

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