Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2011 50k Results

1.Luke Nelson 5:34

2.Joe Furse 6:02

3.Christian Johnson 6:20

4.Nathan Morey 6:27

5.Ryan Phillips 6:29

6.Becky Wheeler 6:43

7.Tim Arrington 6:52

8.Leland Barker 6:58

9.Pete Swenson 7:02

10.Melissa Merrill 7:03

11.Tom Remkes 7:19

12.Sarah Evans 7:22

13. Mike Evans 7:26

14.Andre Kohler 7:32

15. Eric Taft 7:32

16.Daniel Bruner 7:37

Brian Daly. 7:54

17.Cindy Parrish 7:56.35

18.Steve Kirkland 8:03

19.Jamie Falcon 8:04

20.Amanda Sullivan 8:06

21.Brendan Nicholson 8:31

22.Scott Griffith 8:40.10

23.Kacey Lish 8:56

24.Todd Cedarholm 9:08

25.Corena Ricks 9:20

26.Betsy Johnson 9:20

27.Ross Pieper 9:33

28.Richard Goode 9:41

29.Mike Hoover 9:50

30.Phil Mendoza 9:55

31.Jake Elkins 10:20

32.Ron Remkes 10:25

33.Jamie Remkes 10:42

34.James McGregor 10:52

35.Monty Lovell 11:02

8200 ft. climb

8200 ft. descent


Brian D said...

Thanks again Ty for another great day of running in the mountains. Already looking forward to next year. For some reason, I didn't see my name in the results. I believe I was 7:54.

Joe said...

Thanks Ty. What a great race! You couldn't ask for a better course and everything was very well done. This one's definitely on the docket for next year!

TD said...

Brian, finally got to it. Sorry bro. Thanks for making the long haul from Cali again. joe, glad you enjoyed yourself

Brian D said...

No worries. Looks like you were having fun in the Winds.

Griff said...

Ty, thanks for a great race. Even though I felt crappy, it was fun. Thanks for all your hard work.