Friday, October 28, 2011

the Draney Peak-Horse Creek Link-up

It has been an emotional week. The otherwise stellar cross country season ended a bit differently than we had planned last weekend and Wednesday I attended the funeral of a friend that died way too young. I decided I needed a little adventure to "reboot" so this morning i left my house with my dogs and completed a 27 mile loop linking the old family homestead, and the highest point in the Stump Creek area, Before descending down Horse Creek and landing back home. It was just what the doctor ordered. Here are a few photos. In all we were out just over five hours with nearly 6k climb and descent.

Sweet singletrack On a beautiful fall day.

S'mores and Summitt keeping hydrated.

Playing around with my iphone.

High point 9200 ft. The Salt River Range in the distance.

After crossing Horse Creek a dozen times my feet were a little cold.


Tyler Lamprecht said...

When you tested the new NB 110s, did you have any issues with the exposed EVA foam on the outsole? Specifically, on a typical foot plant there are times when you strike a rock/root just right on the mid foot and if the shoe doesn't provide the protection/absorption the foot takes the brunt of the impact. Wondering how you found that section of the outsole (or lack thereof) on your test run(s)? What about durability? Was the EVA pretty thrashed or did it hold up?


TD said...

I didn't have any issues with the foam. The little "nubbies" wore down quickly but other than that the foam held up well. I'm still wearing mine. The 5 degree weather and the snow is wreaking havoc on the perforations on the upper but I'll wear them until they fall off my feet (or I can get a new pair)