Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vaquero Loco 2012 roll-overs

We are now in the process of getting last year's high water fiasco cleared up. The following runners have contacted me already about their roll-over option for 2012:

Jeremy Qualls
Cody Draper
May-Li Cuypers
Jonathan Wheelwright

My records show that roll overs were promised to the following participants. If you are planning on running this year please email me with your email you use to sign up for races on I can then get you a coupon that will allow you to register without having to pay again:) Get this to me asap so that you can guarantee your spot in this year's race! The road has been fixed and barring another mishap we will be back to the original courses.

Eve Henderson
Mageli Lequient
Ashley Remkes
Christy Call
John Goddard
The Melancons
Travis Vandeberg
Courney Vandeberk
Sue Lee
Dan Osterberg
Terri Sofarelli
Chris Weiner
Sherrie Virgin


shebalynnx said...

Trying to see the map, does this race go from CottonWood Lake to Intermitting Springs and back for the 50K?

Lisa Gunnoe

TD said...


Yes it does.

shebalynnx said...


I'm injured! A horse mishap has left me unable to train or work till July 31st.
Do you let a person defer their entry till the next year (it would have to be 2014 for me), or is it just now a donation. I'm a big girl and know many races when your out, your just out the entry fee.
If I'm out the entry fee, I want my brother, Rich Hale, to pick up the entry hoodie for me. Please let me know.
Thank you,

chris said...

Can't find you E-mail Chris weimer roll over from last year. want to do this race

chris said...

my e-mail is Chris weimer

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