Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Vaquero Roll Over Policy

Just a reminder that we are willing to do a one-time roll over of your entry if for some reason you cannot make the race. If something comes up and you want to take advantage of this offer please contact me via email. If you do not make contact and simply don't show up-the XC team thanks you for your donation. As you know the majority of costs for permits/hoodies/etc. are taking place already. We will give full refunds until 7/1/14 after that we encourage you to roll your entry over until next year. These are the runners who wanted their entry rolled over for the 2014 race. If you still want to run this fall please contact me with your email to your ultrasignup account so we can get you registered free of charge: Mike James Melanie Abrams Jessie Roberts Erin Roberts Ron Lechner Rebecca Hutchinsen Abigail Rink Greg Hinton Bryce Warren

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