Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Vacation

One of the perks of teaching is having vacation the same time as my kids. This year we are spending Christmas with my in-laws in La Grande, Oregon. I have spent the last few days on a steady diet of smoked salmon, running, naps, and guitar hero. I have been running for the first time in the Brooks Burn 3 and I have been very pleased. They are very light (10.5) oz, breathable, and have a cool lateral " arch pod" much like the Vitesse. I was concerned about traction but they held up fine on a wide variety of snow covered surfaces. I was hoping to get in a few runs on dirt but it looks like winter is here also......oh, well maybe in May.


Eric Taft said...

Hey Ty,
what are the dates of the 2008 El Vaquero Loco?

Ty Draney said...

I think the 16th, or maybe the 9th. I have a meeting later this month with the Chamber of Commerce to get some local support. I also need to work up the nerve to go back to deal with the USFS. I'm still a bit peeved at them and their attitude about the race after last year.

Eric Taft said...

Great idea with the chamber of commerce helping out a bit. Didn't you know that us trail runners are the ilk of the mountains; littering, spray painting rocks, destroying things? I wish we could be as courteous and respectful as those drunks on their ATV's. :)