Thursday, March 6, 2008

Monday Meeting

We are still planning on holding the 4th annual Vaquero Loco 50k/25k here in Afton. I will be meeting with the powers that be at the Greys River District to seek final approval for the event. Unfortunately last year another party spray-painted the trail and left a mess at Corral Creek Lake, (sleeping bag, beer bottles etc.) The National Forest thought we were responsible. I will be meeting with them on Monday to hopefully resolve their concerns so we can go ahead with this year's race. Thanks for your patience. Photo: Approaching the Corral Creek Lakes (and aid station 2/4 from the South)


Eric Taft said...

Well, good luck with the meeting. It is too bad that us nonmotorized trail runners might have to pay the price for some other idiots, who have no respect for anything. The trail running community leaves things better than before we were even there, countless hours of trail maintenance and litter pick up. I bet if we included some sort of motorized equipment, the race would be okayed with no problem.

Steve Bohrer said...

But that can of spray paint fits just right in my Ultimate bottle belt!

Ty Draney said...

of course, there will be extra garbage in your drop bag to strew about the forest.....including a rotten sleeping bag, beer bottles, and of course spray paint, lucky participant will also get to carry a compact car with a sledgehammer to smash it and throw it in the creek.