Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Type 3 Fun (Fun Divided by Three)

If you've ever attempted to explain to someone why it is "fun" to run 100 miles, ride a double century, or any other "sufferfest" it can be difficult to pinpoint why we do the things we do in our spare time. Why do these things make total sense to some and seem total senseless to others? This months podcast on The Dirtbag Diaries does a pretty good job explaining why we do what we do. Check it out and maybe you'll have a better answer next time someone asks, Why? Are you nuts?

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saschasdad said...

I've never attempted to explain to anyone why running 100 miles is fun because, well, IT ISN'T!

You know, you should combine your love for 100s with your love for really cold temps by manning up and running Susitna, Arrowhead, Iditarod Trail Invite, etc. Seriously. And you likely won't have to worry about puking due to overheating. Oh, and I dare you to put ice in your bottles in those races.