Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Shave November...

...has long been popular in my book-partially because I am lazy and would also include nearly every other month of the year. Except maybe July and August when it is just too dang hot. I grew a nice 'stache myself this summer. It was 70's-esque and definitely groovy. At first I noticed that people had a hard time not looking at my top lip during conversation...their eyes saying "is he serious???". It met its demise when during a conversation with my wife she said, (and I quote) "Everything you say creeps me out." In another meaningless and less than philosophical blog post in November I thought that all you facial hair afficionados would like to read this article posted on flotrack. Hmmmmm....I may have found my second "real" winter activity. Happy reading, growing and grooming.

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