Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nogg Me!

The holidays have brought on a whole new level of hustle and bustle. In the last month I have spent nearly 40 hours in a car, with stops in Boise, Denver, and St. George. Thanksgiving in St. George was by far the highlight of the month. Wednesday morning we zipped down the I15 corridor-joining the throngs in the Las Vegas 500-bumper to bumper traffic in search of warmth, sun, and palm trees. Thursday morning Luke Nelson and I joined Bryce and his boys on a quick run up Signal Mountain. We woke up early for our summit attempts only to find that the FS in all their wisdom had locked the gate, which added 7 miles and 1500 ft. climb/decent to our run. The desert views and the single track were impressive. After a chilly sprint to the top (we had left our jackets at the trail head because we were "too warm") and back down again we found that our quads were wrecked...which did not bode well for our FKT attempt on Saturday. Lunch was spectacular (Thanks Melanie and Gramma T) as was the pool afterwards. Being the daredevil that I am I didn't even wait 30 minutes to swim. Friday we hiked the Angel's Landing expressway with every park enthusiast in the world, in all having a great time hiking around with the family. Saturday's attempt didn't go so well. Still worked over from the run on Thursday I know that I struggled to get my brain around going to the pain cave. We ran from East to West and pulled the plug at the Grotto in the park. I'm sure Luke could have pulled it off minus my raging sciatic and trashed quads. In a way a fitting end to kind of a frustrating year. Time to spend a little time taking care of some physical and mental imbalances, riding the fat bike and adding a little fat of my own over the Holidays. I am currently in negotiations with Andi on next year's adventure/race plans....

To fire you up for the next 100 you may run here's another ditty from Flotrack. Looks/feels familiar right????

Watch more video of Ed Eyestone on

Coach Ed Eyestone is a 2-time Olympian and the only Division 1 XC coach to win an individual XC title as an athlete and also coach an individual XC NCAA champ. Could this be the method to his madness?

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