Saturday, December 6, 2008

alpine loop

Joe's tired of breaking trail

Salt River Range--Looking toward Vaquero course

Summit Photo

Pre-dawn lights of Afton
Inspired by the alpine climbing adventures of some of the Patagonia athletes documented on "The Tin Shed," I decided to put together a route that included approximately 6 miles and 4500+ of climbing and descent. The snow was much deeper up high than I expected. Mid-thigh to be exact and nearly 2 hours of post-holing really wore me out. In the end the round trip took about 4 hours. I had a good time and gained a new respect for alpinists and their fondness for the cold and snow-now if my toes would only thaw...

Equipment-top to bottom

Big Mountain Beanie-(sweet new find. Fleece-lined wool hat, contoured shape keeps ears warm and folds up when overheating.)
Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp
Capilene 2 T-shirt
Capilene 4 Zip-T
Black Diamond Flash Pack
Cool Weather Tights
LW Endurance socks (2 pair)
Nike Zoom Trail+ shoes
Yaktrax Pro
NUUN- Lemon Lime


Cold Play
The Killers
We the Kings
The Republic Tigers
The Raconteurs


Hart said...

wish i could have joined you buddy! looks sweet.

Ty Draney said...

Yeah...we'll get together soon...have you heard any results from NF 50?

Bruce said...

Ty, i envy you (though I don't know about the postholing). Here in Cache we have no snow--just lots of mud. In fact before this AM, I bet there wasn't even 6 inches on Logan peak.

Ty Draney said...


I'm not sure what you're envying-I'll take dirt any day. Did you get snow today. We got several more inches. Looks like its time to pound the pavement.